Street Play

We deliver inter-generational community-based Street Play projects across Oxfordshire in the very heart of the communities that we serve at a street level.

We close streets so that the WHOLE community can reclaim that space for recreational activities. This is based on the Playing Out model, developed in Bristol and now delivered nationally –  

We target ALL sectors of the community by offering doorstep opportunities which will see children riding bikes, playing hop-scotch and generally running about with their local friends instead of sat indoors.

We work with a wide range of partners on the project in order to reduce duplication, share best practice and increase our delivery capacity.

To build in some project sustainability we have also produced a local ‘Volunteer Toolkit’ for any residents wishing to take the initiative forward after the initial project delivery.

The Wyatt Road event was on ITV Meridian News – Oxford Play streets on ITV Meridian News 11.07.22 on Vimeo.